device tester for CF card

Quality check for CF / CFast card, maintaining your product quality.

EZ Dupe has developed different series of CF/CFast duplicator in response to different application needs. It can come in one of two different designs: an upright model or a slope-shape model with ergonomic design. In addition to the copying functions, CF/CFast duplicator is also equipped with data erase or model-based quality check functions to achieve the effect of multi-machine in one.





Series PRO Classic Classic
Interface CF CF CFast
Apperence Slope-shape Upright Upright
Targets 15, 39 15, 31, 47, 95, 199 1, 3, 7
Ergonomics v - -
Asynchronous v v v
Copy/Compare v v v
Erase 4 modes 4 modes 4 modes
Device Test v - -
Format v v v

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