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Mini USB Plus

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Mini USB Plus is small enough to easily carry around while maintaining extremely fast copy speeds and compatibility with USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. To further enhance its portability, the Mini USB Plus can be powered by any USB power source, such as a cell phone power bank or USB charging port. This new duplicator is the first without a display and buttons to keep the duplication process user-friendly. With asynchronous copy mode, Mini USB Plus allows the copy process to commence immediately after USB drive is plugged in and users to replace an already duplicated drive with a new blank drive. No longer will users have to wait to finish a whole set of USB drives before duplicating new ones. 

  • * Standalone, no PC required
  • * Plug and copy, no button needed
  • * Asynchronous copy mode, no longer will users have to wait to finish a whole set of USB drives before duplicating new ones
  • Intelligent copy only copies valid data areas, improving work efficiency!
  • Power bank acceptable: micro USB charging port allowing you to work anywhere and anytime.
  • * Up to 2 GB/min copy speed per port
  • * Support all file formats, file size and card/drive capacity
  • * Support bootable USB flash drive.
  • * LED light indicates copy status
  • * Lightweight, ergonomic, portable design
  • * No warm-up or cool-down required
  • * One-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Operating Type
    Stand alone (No PC Required)
    Targets 4
    Supported Media USB 1.0/2.0/3.0 Flash Drive
    Transfer Speed
    Up to 2 GB/min
    Copy Mode
    System Memory 128 MB
    Power Requirement 115V - 230V
    Operating Temperature 41°F - 122°F
    Operating Humidity
    15% - 90%
    Gross Weight 2
    Package Dimensions

    To download a manual just right-click on the name and select "Save As..."

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