Celebrating our 20th Anniversary! [7-25-2014]

EZ Dupe is celebrating its 20th successful year in business. Thank you for all of your business and support.


Celebrating our 19th Anniversary with a brand new website. [7-25-2013]

EZ Dupe just celebrated its 19th birthday this past July, 2013. We have worked very hard on our brand new website which will be more focused on product information and will guide you through your search for the right products that will best suit your business needs.

If you are already a customer, and wish to provide us feedback on the product you purchased, please feel free to e-mail your feedback to sales@ezdupe.com


USB Duplicators are now the new wave of Technology. [11-28-2012]

Introducing the new Technology of USB Duplicator from EZ Dupe, capable of copying/backup any USB Drive from 1 up to 15 Targets. Our USB Duplicators are the states of the arts in its uniqueness.

Its capabilities of copying/backing up data in both Synchronous and Asynchronous are a great feature of our product. Unlimited buffering, so no need of slow data transfer.

This standalone unit is built on a SOTA Technology controller which gives you more leverage of controlling your productivity, thus you would not need to have to use a PC to control your duplicator.

The cool feature of this unit, it can be used as a tester, so you can test your USB before using it.

Also available in this series, the mini portable 2 USB targets duplicators, which is small and can be carrying everywhere.

For more information on this product, contact our sales department at sales@ezdupe.com